Having lived and ridden bikes on the Costa Blanca, Spain for the last 15 years I have ridden most of the interesting roads in the area.  However going out with groups of friends we tend to use the same well worn routes regularly and avoid others, often for good reason.  We know where there are good cafes to stop for a bocadillo or just a café con leché.  There are some well know biker hangouts which shouldn't be missed, but without a bit of exploration we won't find any more.

With this in mind I set off one sunny Sunday morning to ride some roads that i haven't ridden for a few years and to see if I could string together a new route.  Check out the map below and watch the video to see what I found.

The Costa Blanca has some great biking roads from fast sweeping bends to mountainous hairpins there is something for everyone, including some trails for those more adventurous.  Wherever you decide to ride the most important thing is to enjoy it.