Costa Blanca Biking Route.Starting in the village of Senija on the Costa Blanca I rode down to Calpe on the coast to meet with members of our Facebook Group for a leisurely Sunday morning ride.

Riding down to Calpe on my own I started to feel the chill in the air and wished I'd worn an extra layer.  The weather was clear and bright if a little chilly as it was only 08:40 am.

Meeting done handshakes complete and it's off to Benidorm for Breakfast, the N332 from Calpe to Benidorm is not my favourite road by a long way but its direct and when you are feeling hungry the direct route is the best.

More friends met at Barnies and on with breakfast, 2x bacon, 2x sausage, 2x fried egg, beans, tomatoes, toast and a tea all for just over €5 can't go wrong.  It's been on my list of good places to eat for a few years now although parking even for bikes is difficult as summer approaches.

From Benidorm, we headed a bit further along the N332 and turned off towards Orcheta and then onto the road to Relleu (CV775), this road is full of twists and turns as it winds its way into the hills.  It was good before the new tarmac but now is superb.  Just into the village, we took a sharp right onto the CV782 heading towards La Torres De Les Maçanes.  Another good stretch climbing ever higher and colder but with nice views and nice corners.

Not much further and we took the CV800 towards Alcoy, stopping for coffee at Venta Teresa on the way.  Venta Teresa is an old family run bar in the mountains frequented by bikers for years, even bike manufacturers use it for journalist product launches.  The coffee is good and the cakes and empanadas are better and all with a friendly atmosphere.

The bikers were there in force today with about 30 bikes when we arrived and a steady stream of arrivals and departures as we sat drinking and chatting.

Heading off from here further up and over into the next valley towards Alcoy, great roads again, smooth tarmac and fast flowing bends, before we turned left onto the smaller CV70 towards Benilloba.  We carried on through a couple of villages and the road becomes a rollercoaster of bends, fast flowing in places and slow and steady in others.  There are large white painted concrete blocks lining the road to protect you from the drops but best to avoid them.

In Confrides we stopped at Tapas Bar La Venta for a cold drink as the sun had made great efforts to warm us and the countryside, its still way off summer temperatures which is a relief but warm none the less.  More chat and exit plan for the groups going in opposite directions and we headed off to Guadalest.  Waving to the folks from the Benidorm area the rest of us took the CV755 down to Callosa D'en Seria before turning left towards Tarbena and the famous Coll de Rates.

Unlike the cyclists, we would be riding down the infamous hill after we climbed up the other side of course.  The climb is through a series of hairpin bends before Tarbena and just as you think you are near the top you plunge back down out of the village before climbing up again steadily towards the summit of the Coll.  As you pass over the top you have a superb view of the Jalon Valley famed for its wine production and the sea beyond which must be 10 km away.  The road down is well surfaced and mostly in good condition with some nice bends along the way.

Near the village of Parcent, the last handshakes of the day were made and the last two of us headed through the Valley towards Senija.  Waving to the final companion as he headed for the coast and home I turned back into the village with a smile on my face.  It had been a great day out with good company, good food and motorbikes, what more could you ask for on a sunny Sunday in Spain.

Thanks to, in no particular order, Roger, David, Johan, Sharon and Kevin for making it such fun.

Total distance 197km

Pictures can be found on the FB group, I forgot to take any.

Click here to see the route in more detail on Google Maps.