It was a nice day for an explore and I had an excuse as I was going down to Crevillent for the Orange Days event at Moto Sport Carreras.  I signed up for the event whilst visiting the Sobre2Ruedas event in Alicante earlier in the year and had booked a test on the new 790 Duke and the Super Adventure 1290 S.

It was an early start as my first test was scheduled for 10.30 and I didn't want to be late.

Heading down the N332 from Benissa to Alicante before switching to the A7 around Alicante is a bit of a boring way to start the day, partly because the roads are not particularly interesting and partly because I have done them dozens of times before, however, early on a sunny Saturday morning with nice weather and the views of the Mediterranean from some points along the road made up for it.

Arriving around 09:30 I popped in to the cafe next door to the large modern looking KTM dealership and had a coke and a coffee to keep me going.  At 10am the gates opened and in I went to sign the forms before heading out first on the Super Adventure S and then the much anticipated 790 Duke.

Both test rides will be covered in separate articles (1290 Super adventure S, 790 Duke) but I had a blast with the bikes and the staff and family that run the dealership are friendly and know their stuff.  They patiently explained the controls of the bikes (electronics) and answered questions mostly in English as my Spanish is not the best.

After the tests were over I headed back up the same road we had been using towards Aspe.  This is a lovely twisty stretch, popular with the local bikers and there is a bike friendly cafe part way along.  Unfortunately it is also popular with the Guardia Civil and I was pulled over by two bike officers.  Having all your paperwork with you and correct really makes a difference, a two minute stop and a quick review of my docs and I was on my way again, happy friendly officers doing their job, no problem.

I was heading for the CV-803 to Onil.  I had found this route on Google maps and though it looked interesting, I just had to get up to Villena first, which meant a bit of motorway.  Not fun on the GSXR but it didn't take long.

Just after the Villena turning onto the CV-81 the road is quite straight but the countryside is different from the area where I live, open fields and much greener, there is a tendency to speed along roads but I was enjoying the scenery.

Turning onto the CV-795 for a short section around Banyeres de Mariola, I managed to take a wrong turn that resulted in a detour through the back streets of the small town which looked interesting and worth another trip when I next have time.  Twenty minutes and a bit of swearing later and I was back on my way heading towards Alcoy.

A kilometre or so after the town the turn for the CV-803 comes up the the right, this is a lovely road of reasonable width with fast sweeping bends and great fun on the GSXR.  It narrows in places and winds its way up and over a hill before dropping down the other side in a series of hairpins, not tight but fun, with great views.

Turning left just before Onil on to the CV-802 the road follows the side of the hill before narrowing and becoming twistier into a small valley.  At the T junction at the end I turned left on to the CV-801 and eventually right, back onto the CV-795 towards Alcoy, stopping on the way to take the picture below.

Through Alcoy stopping for petrol on the way, the Gixxer can be a thirsty girl, and I headed out on the N340 before turning left on the CV-70 towards Benilloba, the roads are becoming more familiar now.  Through Benasau, Confrides and past Guadalest before dropping down to the coast for a McDonalds in Albir.  I had intended to stop at one of the Spanish cafes in the mountains but was having too much fun, it was a long time since breakfast.

Heading back up the N332 home was warm and busy but it had been a great day.

Distance 323km.

Click here to see the route on Google Maps.