Not many takers for this trip, only the three of us, but we had a great time anyway.  I took the usual route down the Calpe Bends (N332) to the BP petrol station at the top of the town to meet up with David and Stu.  David, I have known for years but Stu replied to my post on the Bikers España Facebook Group and tagged along.

We took the n332 down to Benidorm to have breakfast in Barnie's, this is a well run English Cafe that does superb breakfast at a good price.  It is starting to become busier in Benidorm now so we will soon have to revert to a different breakfast venue for the summer.

Leaving Benidorm via the N332 again we turn off a few miles later at the La Villa Joiosa turn but avoid the town heading inland towards the mountains.  The forecast was not the best and heading inland there were large grey clouds hanging low over the hills.  Luckily as we climbed higher and higher we managed to skirt around them and didn't see a drop of rain all day.

This stretch of road up towards Benasau is great on any bike with a few straights to open up a bit but mostly twisty hairpins.

We stopped at La Venta in Confrides for a well earned cold drink and stayed for two having a good old chat and putting the world to rights.

Following our extended break, it was on and through Guadalest towards Callosa d'en Seria where we turned left back up the hills towards Tarbena.  Just before the village, there was a narrow section with lights due to roadworks, where we waited for a few minutes before heading through.  Unfortunately, a group of cyclists coming the other way decided that the rules of the road don't apply to them and went straight past their red light towards us.  Being a cyclist who stops for red lights this type of behaviour really annoys me and is becoming all too frequent in the Jalon Valley area of Spain. I shouted at them as I went past, not that it will have any impact.

Over the hills and down into Parcent then back along the valley to Senija and home.  It was a nice route with good people to chat to and thoroughly enjoyable day.

Distance 149km.


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