Bikers España was an idea long before it was a website, it slowly developed and grew to include social media accounts, bike and equipment reviews and tours. But when did it all begin?

After moving to Spain in 2002, I began to make new biking friends, some older, some younger, with a varying range of bikes, but all with the same passion as me, to ride bikes and socialise with fellow bikers.  Rides and tours were arranged with success but knowing a group of bikers and organising a group of bikers are two different things.

It became increasingly difficult to organise rides as the numbers grew, even getting 5 people together on the same day at the same time was difficult, taking many phone calls.

In early 2009 a website was built with a forum to allow people to arrange things without the need to make multiple phone calls and Bikers España was born. The forum quickly took off with over 3,500 members at its height.  Unfortunately, as its popularity increased, so did the level of SPAM posts and bogus accounts, until eventually the forum was closed and moved over to Facebook where a Private group was created that currently has over 400 members.

Over the years before and after the move to Facebook, articles have been written on a variety of biking subjects, from Projects to Reviews, Bike Shows and Touring, there is something for everyone.