2013-03-31-208The Maigmo greenway or Via Verde, goes downhill from Maigmo, north of Alicante towards the coast stopping short of Alicante near the village of Agost. The route goes slightly beyond the village to the current station.

2013-03-31-199Decisions, decisions, ride uphill from Agost to Maigmo or downhill from Maigmo to Agost, the latter seemed the most appropriate especially since we had already done the Alcoi Greenway in the morning.

The start point is easy to reach from the A7 Alicante to Alcoi motorway, just take the turn for the Maigmo services, nice boccies by the way, past the services take the left turn under the motorway, left at the roundabout and there is a small car park on the right and signs for the route.

Setting off you are reminded that this Via Verde has a 20kmph speed limit for its entirety and that motor vehicles are not allowed.  Many of the signs on the track are facing away from you if you decide to go downhill, but there are at least signs.

After a couple of hundred metres, you will come to the first of many road crossings on this track, most are small access roads but be wary as later on you will join a road to cross one of the viaducts and you will have to cross a couple of busy lanes with blind approaches.


2013-03-31-202A little further on you will see some wonderful red coloured rock to the right before the approach to your first tunnel.  It's worth taking good cycle lights or a head light for the tunnels as the longer ones are very dark.  If riding or walking alone a handy backup torch is a good idea.  The line follows the side of a valley for a while, snaking along the side and then cutting through with mostly short tunnels and the occasional viaduct.  Two of these viaducts are quite spectacular, neither being particularly long or high, but good looking none the less.


2013-03-31-206As you descend further towards Agost and the end of the track you will start to cross the valley floor passing through orange groves and almond orchards, watch out for the road crossings here.  The route never actually enters the village, it gets quite near passing between a few builders yards and derelict brick factories before heading back out into the countryside and on towards the station itself.  my journey ended before the station in a large car park where my lift was waiting.