Not sure if any of my regular readers have noticed, but there has been a distinct lack of effort this year.  So far I have competed in 0 events in 2013, and done little training in general.  I'm not quite sure what's going on but I have found many things to blame such as the weather, dark mornings, work and a bunch of other even less believable things.

Mountain biking at night with lights! Are you mad? Well, that was my first reaction when I noticed that the 1st Jesus Pobre event would be nocturnal.  Asking a couple of cyclist friends neither of them had entered such an event before and I really wasn’t sure that it was a good idea, maybe I’ll give this one a miss.

After a couple of months of prevarication and off-putting my wife entered me in the BTT Benidorm.  After last years BTT Jalon, I had mentioned that an assault on the championship would be fun, not competitively you understand, but just as a personal challenge.  Not realising that the start was 4th March I managed to miss the first two events without knowing about them and then started to wonder whether it was a good idea anyway.

The weekend started well with a reasonably relaxed Saturday in readiness for an early Sunday start.  Having forgotten to register it meant getting there earlier than usual as registering on the day at the last minute is not recommended.

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