Suzuki Bandit with rider and mountain views.The last ride you have on any bike you own is always a bit special, or eventful in some cases.  The last ride I had on my Suzuki Bandit was special, even though I didn't know at the time it would be the last time.

Over 3 years of ownership I had managed to complete around 8,000km of riding mostly early morning jaunts around the local mountains bit a little touring too, including a 2,700km 5 day trip, which I still haven't finished writing about.

The last ride was a short one though, it was a Tuesday evening almost two weeks ago and it had been a particularly busy day at work and quite hot here on the Costa Blanca.  Living near some lovely mountain roads there is always a draw to get out there and enjoy them however work and home life usually take precedent.  I sat down in a chair after finishing something important and thought, what to do next?  The answer came quickly and I headed off to change and was wheeling the bike out of the garage before I could change my mind.

The sun was low in the sky so not much distance could be completed before the night drew in but any journey is better than none.  I set off from home in Parcent in the Jalon Valley and headed for Tarbena up the Coll de Rates.  This is a popular road with cyclists, bikers and spirited car drivers as it twists and turns its way to the top and the lookout point.

Within a very short while and only a few corners I was in the groove and laughing like an idiot in my helmet, what great fun motorcycles are at lifting your spirits and blowing the cobwebs out.  It wasn't such a hard day after all.  Onwards and upwards I went as the view changed from trees to rocks but a lovely sunset was forming.

Arriving at the lookout after what seemed like only a few minutes I parked up the Bandit with it's exhaust pinging and snapped a few pictures before heading back down at a slightly slower pace.

Suzuki Bandit at the view point at the top of Coll de Rates at sunsetThe Bike was parked up ready for next time and I went inside for a well earned cold drink.

Only a few days later a friend reminded me, quite by accident, of a brand I had been hankering after for a while and I did a little Googling, then an advert for the Bandit was written, and it sold 2 days later to the first person to view it.

Hopefully Miguel is enjoying his new purchase as much as I have over the last three years.

Total distance: 13.1km

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