Washing Bikers España's KTM 790 Duke and GSXR750YAnother early start to avoid the heat, this time with long term Bikers España follower and friend Roger The Fast Fontanero (retired).  After posting a ride on the Bikers España FB group I wasn't sure how many would turn up, however, it is the end of July and far too hot for most.  There are a few people I can rely on though who will turn up if at all possible and Roger is one of them.

Setting off from Alcalali at 7 am all of the cafes were shut so no chance of a coffee and we had a reasonable distance to go before our planned first stop at Venta Teresa in the mountains inland of Alicante.  We headed first back through my home village of Parcent and up the well used Coll de Rates with its twists and turns climbing up to the lookout point.  I wish that I had stopped for a photograph as the sky was beautiful but I missed the opportunity.

Through Tarbena, Callossa and Guadalest we went with the sun slowly starting to warm the roads and us, we spotted a few rabbits and other wildlife on the way.

Nearing Alcoy we caught somebody, in a blue car, who decided that he didn't want us to pass, the road is narrow with mostly short straights and blind corners so we sat behind him for maybe 3 or 4 km while he did his best to stay in front.  It was obvious from his driving that he knew the road rather well and it was quite good fun to follow along and see how he did.  One or two corners he took a little quicker than he was expecting but it was entertaining to watch.

After Alcoy, we took the road up and over the mountain stopping at Venta Teresa for a cafe con leche and Tostada con Tomate.  There were a few bikers there and a steady stream riding up and down the hill, it's a great place to spend an hour or so on a Sunday especially when the weather is a little cooler.

Heading away from Venta Teresa we decided to take the road through Busot, Relleu and then Finistrat rather than dropping down to the N332 coast road which would be busy even at this fairly early hour.  The joys of living near a busy tourist resort.

Heading down towards Xixona, we took the left turn towards Busot if you are not careful you will miss the village though as it is bypassed, so you have to take the left off the main road and into the small sleepy village.  Once in the centre look for signs for the CV733 to Aigues and eventually Relleu, you won't be disappointed, it's a few years since I have taken this route and thoroughly enjoyed it, the KTM laps up tight twisty mountain roads.

Once through Finestrat, it was back onto the now busy N332 for the final leg of the journey to Benissa and back into the Jalon valley and on to Parcent.  It was a cracking ride and a great way to spend a few hours on a Sunday morning.

I missed a few opportunities for photos on this ride as I was enjoying it too much but took a few while washing the bikes later.

Click the map to see the route on Google Maps.

Distance: 214km