Sometimes you just need to get out on your bike, it doesn't matter where you are going or how long you will be out, you just need to be out.  This is how I felt last Saturday.

It's been quite a while since I was out biking, due to holidays, visitors and a stupid foot injury it had been 10 weeks since I had been out on anything and about 12 weeks since the GSXR had been ridden.  Stir crazy was not the word for it, I was about to burst.

Finally, Saturday morning came round, we had no visitors, no commitments and off I went.  Well, not quite morning I actually left it until lunchtime and got ready slowly without the distraction of meeting a group of friends or going to an event.

The GSXR burst into life at the first prod of the button, as it has for the last 18 years and settled into the warm-up mode, its a glorious sound, once 50 degrees was showing on the clocks it was into gear and off.  After all these years it still puts a big smile on my face.

Riding through the village it's almost fighting you to go faster, urging you on, but it's not until the speed limit signs are behind us that it gets it's first chance to be let off the lead.  Down the hill from the village and over the motorway bridge we were flying, however looking down briefly at the speedo I was surprised to find how slow I was going, it seemed much faster.  Oh well, maybe I am out of practice.

From Senija to Benissa and the N332 and on towards Gata de Gorgos, this is a lovely twisty section of the road through a quarry that I know well, I'm still slow though?

From Gata on towards Ondara and then back inland on the smaller roads through Benidoleig, Orba and Alcalali before turning back towards Gata and Javea, via Llosa de Comacho.  I overtook a fair amount of cars wondering all the time why they were going quite so slowly.  From the outskirts of Javea, I headed towards Benitachell and the steep climb up to Cumbre del Sol.

Past the new school and on to the top of the hill to enjoy the view and take some pictures.  Finally, when I stopped I checked the speedo, as I had an idea why everyone was going so slowly.  My suspicions were correct, during my enforced sabbatical from biking the battery had been disconnected and my normal "kmph" speedo had reverted back to "mph".  Nobody had been going slowly, I had been speeding everywhere, oops that's my excuse officer.

After a few pictures and a ride down to the beach at Cova dels Arcs, it was a straight run down from Cumbre to Moraira, then back through Teulada and Benissa to Senija and home to tuck the GSXR up until next time.

The Bandit will be out next.

 It was a lovely 91km ride.

Click here to view the route in Google Maps.