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Helite Air Vest - Review
Product Reviews - Equipment
Monday, 03 April 2017 14:14

After my brothers horrendous bike accident in September 2016 I find that safety whilst biking is regularly on my mind.  Not to the point of being worried or nervous or affecting my biking particularly, just a little more awareness of what can go wrong on a sunny Sunday on a road you know well.

At the 2017 MCN London Motorcycle Show we met Nick from www.lovelifeandride.com to check out the Helite Air Vest.

Watch our video review and then click on the read more to see thee rest of the article and distributor links.


Alpinestars Gran Torino Waterproof Boots
Product Reviews - Equipment
Wednesday, 18 February 2015 20:53

Over the years I have tried a range of motorcycle boots from many different manufacturers and at a range of price points.  However most have been aimed at the sports bike market, such as Sidi's well know vertebra range.  Looking forward, more touring is hopefully on the cards especially on our BMW F650, where the latest greatest race boots seem a little inappropriate.  But what to buy?


CNC Top Yoke Conversion
Product Reviews - Equipment
Sunday, 07 September 2014 23:00

Shiny motorbike parts always bring out the small child in me as do MTB parts, gadgets, cream cakes etc etc.  This was different though these parts would hopefully make a substantial difference to my beloved GSXR which on the whole was back to how Suzuki intended.


Frank Thomas XTi Mesh Jacket
Product Reviews - Equipment
Sunday, 03 August 2014 20:01

Frank Thomas XTi Jacket Riding in Spain during the summer months is glorious, glorious that is if you have the right gear and choose the right roads.  Otherwise you will turn into an overheating mess.

Picture the scene; you are riding through one of the many Spanish cities on your sports bike, looking cool in your matching leathers whilst stopped at the many sets of traffic lights.  This is OK early in the morning but at any other time the heat from the sun and your too warm sports bike will club together in an attempt to cook you.


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