After a very nice family holiday, to Majorca in 2009, my wife and I were looking through the photographs and commenting to each other about the fun we had, had.  The weather wasn’t so good but we still managed to have a good time visiting caves and other tourist attractions.  Unfortunately, some of the pictures were spoiled by the presence of a fat bloke, who seemed to be stalking us, on further investigation the fat bloke turned out to be me.

Over the years I have gone through stages of being very active, playing rugby at school and then running for some of my teens with plenty of 10k’s to my name and the odd half marathon.  Then a quieter spell as an apprentice eventually leading to quite active roles within the company I worked for, however in 1997 I was promoted to a permanent office position and the rot set in.  What with meetings away staying in good hotels, staff parties and the hours I worked exercise was not on my timetable.  During this time I did join two gyms one with my wife where we took a circuit training class twice per week and the other on my own near work which I visited at lunchtime.  Neither lasted more than a couple of months although as with most of these things I still managed to pay for a whole year before admitting defeat.

After the holiday photo’s the decision was made to try to get a bit fitter, running was considered, but the thought of wobbling along giving my ageing knees a hard time was ruled out.  So I dusted off my old mountain bike and set off with my son around some of the lanes near our home on the Costa Blanca.  After a couple of short rides, 2-3km, we decided that 10km should be next so a route was planned to another local village and back.  The journey went well, unfortunately, I let the side down by having a bacon sandwich and coffee in a nice café half way round, but it did the trick and I was hooked.

Since then I have managed to cycle around 4000km in my first two years, mostly on the road and have changed my mountain bike from a full suspension bike to a hardtail which helps (more on the bikes in a later article). I have also entered and completed a duathlon and an MTB race and will hopefully be entering more in the near future.