Sella Decathlon SaddleWhen I got back into mountain biking a few years ago the answer to this question was a resounding NO.  The saddle on my old bike was very much of the racing variety whereas my body shape was more comfort-oriented.  Managing for a few months with the old seat seemed appropriate as this new found enthusiasm for cycling may have subsided as quickly as it appeared and being a Yorkshire man I’m not in the habit of frittering away the pennies.

Once the decision had been made to replace the seat with something more comfortable the problem became what to choose, do you go for a large squashy seat with springs and gel? It may be comfortable but would look more at home on a tractor than a mountain bike.  The alternatives looked too racy and uncomfortable, luckily after much searching, I found a saddle in the Alicante branch of Decathlon.  Made by Sella Italia with a good shape and lots of gel cushioning the seat was perfect.

However as I have slimmed down over the years and covered approximately 4250km of road and off-road riding it became uncomfortable, being slightly too wide in the middle.  The search was on again. 

This time I did a bit more research and decided that a more racing shape would be better, however, maintaining some gel would be a good idea.  The first seat I bought looked the part with padding in the right places and was of the required shape however after fitting onto my bike and testing it in the workshop I found it was really uncomfortable, after only a couple of minutes my right leg started to feel numb and there where pains where there shouldn’t be, any amount of adjustment didn’t help.

Troy Lee Design Sella ItaliaThe next trip was to one of the local bike shops (Boronat in Gata de Gorgos) rather than a supermarket, where the range of seats on display was quite varied.  Searching through, one was found with the correct shape, with gel inserts and at a price that was acceptable to me at least, my lovely wife was quite alarmed at the price of some on offer.

The owner was quite happy to mount the saddle on a shop bike for me to try for fit and comfort and the deal was done.

The Troy Lee Designs artwork is not to everyone’s taste, but I quite like it and more importantly, it is, without doubt, the most comfortable bike seat I have ever used and mostly I forget it’s there.  Quite a recommendation for something that looks so pointy.